April 1, 2006

  • Bush in Dallas, November 22, 1963 -- Fascinating speculations on tomflocco.com about a picture of a guy who looks like young George Herbert Walker Bush in front of the Texas School Book Depository as the Kennedy motorcade passed in Dallas around the time Kennedy was shot. Oswald, who worked in the building, was later accused of firing all the shots. The speculation about the photograph of the Bush lookalike in Dealey Plaza is made in reference to a "Mr. George Bush of the CIA" in a November 29, 1963, memo from J. Edgar Hoover about the Kennedy assassination. Bush, the memo says, had been briefed by Hoover about the reactions of anti-Castro Cubans in Miami to the JFK assassination. George H.W. Bush has maintained he was not yet part of the CIA at that time, though later he was its director. And while the authenticity of the memo hasn't been questioned, authorities claimed it was a different George Bush. The Flocco site shows a picture from the front of the Texas School Book Depository the day of the assassination with a figure who looks enough like young George Bush senior to be him. The site shows a few pictures of the young Bush for comparison. There is a great deal of supporting evidence indicating that this may well be the case. Bush was one of the only people in the world who claimed not to remember where he was when JFK was assassinated. Flocco runs through a great deal of fascinating information on this page, and though some is hard to follow, it gives a sense of a pattern that needs a final connecting piece or two to be complete and stand out in bold relief.

    April 3, 2006

  • Naming Names -- The emergence of Venezuela as a more democratic, populist rival of the U.S.-dominated world economic system is a mind blower. President Hugo Chavez has a strong understanding of the power he has at his disposal, and is contemporary, media savvy, has a global consciousness and he is learning how to use smarts and message to fight against the Bushco imperialist menace. A sophisticated, self-assured Venezuela is evolving, and right behind it is the whole of Latin America. Venezuela is an increasingly self-empowered nation, feeling the power of democracy, and with a media environment strikingly distinct from that of the U.S., free of many of the biases that restrain U.S. media when talking about issues we are used to hearing in a familiar context, a reality ruled by power. The story we hear in the U.S. is the story enforced by the ruling government, not that which is supported by logic or natural law. Venezuela, on the other hand, is a culture with an alternative view to that of the U.S. So with that in mind, check out this story at VHeadline.com: Venezuela's Electronic News: "I wish that respected journalists would leave the debate whether Posada is a terrorist, and concentrate on the question whether he and Orlando Bosch were involved in the JFK assassination under direction of George HW Bush. Because THAT is the real reason he will NEVER be extradited as long as Bushes are in the big seat." Down the page a ways, this: "The boss of that station was Ted Shackley, an associate of George Bush, which connection is later formalized when Bush becomes CIA director and appoints Shackley as his Deputy Director Operations. Interestingly, James Files says that he was recruited for the CIA by David Atlee Phillips on a recommendation of Ted Shackley. Furthermore I know that Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch were on Dealey Plaza." And lots more. Read on.

  • By the Way: A friend wrote and mentioned a picture I posted the other day that someone had suggested was George Bush Sr standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository the day Kennedy was shot there. (See Bush in Dallas, November 22, 1963) The message I received said, "Personally, I didn't find that picture as being particularly compelling evidence that George Sr. was in Houston. It was much too indistinct, and really seemed that it could have been almost anyone. I found the documents better, but still far from conclusive." I agree with this statement precisely, and I hoped no one thought I posted that information as some sort of conclusive proof of anything. I wrote back and told my friend that. And I added, "I thought that it was plausible, that's all. The picture is not readily dismissable as evidence. It could be him, it could be any of thousands of people who would look about like that in that setting and that light. The documents, I can't remember which you refer to. But I don't post any of it as some kind of conclusive proof. I will say though, that preponderance of evidence is also a valid principle for judgment, and I have seen an awful lot of evidence that leads me to lean toward the belief that Bush was involved with the CIA, had a big role the Bay of Pigs and the telegram from Hoover that names him in connection with the Cuban refugees indicates that he was in the CIA and he was involved with the anti-Castro Cubans." The article from Venezuela was quite plausible to me.

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