April 13, 2005

Big Bad Dream

Confronting the Evidence is Difficult and Irresistible

I received a copy of a DVD titled "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9-11 Investigation" in the mail. It's primarily a film of a three-hour 9/11 event, with presentations and a panel of contributors. It was an extremely powerful and deeply disturbing cinematic experience. It's an experience that can barely be compared to other DVDs in the sense that in even the scariest, most soul-shattering terrifying movies, you can walk out of the theater, you can turn it off. This is one you can't walk out of.

It doesn't take a lot of thought to understand why people don't want to hear about no conspiracy back of 9/11. This was one of the most monstrous events in history. It was a cosmic scale dirty trick. It was larger than life, a theatrical demonstration on a gigantic stage. Destroying the World Trade Center was like setting the moon on fire. It was colossal tragedy and horror. It was sci-fi scale massive fright.

The fact that it happened at all is almost unbearable. To think that your own government did not protect you is even more monstrous, though a matter of historic record. To think that it may not protect you in the future, that it might not even consider it in its interest to protect you is mind shattering.

That is not to even mention the possibility that the very people in power may have known about it and allowed it to happen. Or, the maximum horror, that they actually engineered it in order to enact a radical agenda of world domination.

To be stuck in that bad dream is no one's idea of a good time. And there is none so blind as he who will not see. So no matter how much evidence there is, it is an act of will to see it. One cannot consider it if one does not want to see it. And the events of September 11, 2001, are almost impossible to think about rationally.

Now it's been three years plus since the dreaded event. Half of New Yorkers in a Zogby poll said they think top government officials knew about the attacks in advance and let them happen. Since Bush and Cheney took so much trouble to try to suppress any investigation into the attacks, many crucial questions about the attacks that cry out for answers have not been answered.

When confronted with the evidence cinematically, it is profoundly disturbing. For a long time I have been beyond the threshold at which I have rationally accepted the proposition that the preponderance of evidence shows complicity in the attacks by the neocon cabal, namely Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, the Bush family. But to be assaulted with the facts of the case through cinema has an impact that goes beyond the rational discourse of books. It is deeply disturbing, shattering. This is about as difficult a thing as a nation could have to confront. The event was colossal in scale, in evil, and the mystery of who is behind it makes it even more sinister.

To see those towers burning again it is suddenly so graphic that there was only a small row of fires on a few floors in the World Trade Center towers before they collapsed. The smoke was black and thin near the end, signs of an oxygen-starved fire, the burning of office furnishings, file cabinets, desks, computers. It would not have been possible for a fire like that to have generated enough heat to melt the girders of those towers and cause them to shatter and pulverize from the top to the bottom in such perfect synchronization that they fell at a rate faster than gravity alone could have pulled them down. Almost all the structure and contents of those cities in the sky were turned into fine powder.

The force of the Jetliner against the building was a massive shock indeed, but the force was not as much as the building withstands in a high wind, because while the airplanes force was concentrated in one area of about three floors and one impact, the wind is a massive, sustained natural force hitting the building from top to bottom.

These events are on film, and the official explanation defies the laws of physics. The buildings were blown up with a multitude of strategically placed explosive charges, ignited in an order that caused the buildings to fall in on themselves, just as in any controlled demolition. WTC 7 also collapsed in this manner, not just the main towers. WTC 7 also had only small fires and was not hit with a plane at all. Yet it collapsed perfectly, just like a controlled demolition. And the landlord is on tape saying, "There was such a loss of life we decided to pull it. So we gave the order to pull it and we watched the building fall."

This is only the very beginning of the journey into the labyrinth of lies of the Bush corporate junta surrounding this evil deed. Accepting facts such as the one that the WTC towers were demolished only tells us that we are being lied to. That's only a beginning. From that point, the questions multiply.

In the end you are left with the choice to believe your eyes, believe common logic, or believe them, the Bush administration. If they are making an effort to appear innocent, it sure is a pathetic attempt. They are carrying out the agenda they said would require "a new Pearl Harbor" just as if they did plan it. But what if they don't care whether or not they appear innocent. In dictatorships the leader doesn't have to convince you of anything. He has nearly absolute civil power. Increasingly the message of the Bush administration seems to be, "We don't care what you think. We don't even care if you know full well that we are guilty of crimes and that we are exercising illegitimate power. There is nothing you can do about it."

Now three years since the tragedy, this DVD is being circulated. It is hard to imagine anyone with an open mind not gripped with fear seeing this and not at least coming to the conclusion that very little was explained by the 9/11 Commission report. They said it was not known why building 7 fell. They said it was not known where the financing came from for the operation, but in the end it was of little consequence (?!) The commission was chaired by an appointee by the administration, who had worked on a book with Condi Rice, a bosom buddy. Nothing could be put into the report that was not approved unanimously by the commission. Not a move could be made without the approval of the White House. Not a word could be written in the report that was not approved.

Now 49.3% of New Yorkers believe officials were accessories before the fact at least and 66% want the hearings reopened. Is the country getting far enough from its trauma to begin once again to look at the world with a steady, open eye?

If they were complicit, is there any chance that they could ever be brought to justice? Bush's approval ratings are in the love 40s now, lower than they have been since before the attacks. If people are coming out of hypnosis and starting to resist the oligarchy, does that create the danger of another attack, to once again shore up those approval ratings?

In "Confronting the Evidence" Webster Tarpley, author of The Unauthorized Biography of George H. W. Bush, was asked about the rumors of another attack on America that could be the neocon's big opportunity to put martial law in place. "There are countervailing forces," Tarpley said. "Right now it's the military. If there was a coup, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc., would be locked in. And they don't want that."

For more information on Confronting the Evidence, see Reopen911.org, Walden3.org, or e-mail Jwalter@walden3.org.

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