February 2, 2014

Puppetry Unveiled

Andrew Kreig's Presidential Puppetry lays bare the sordid connections that underlay the political system

Last November 22 was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK and the national news media gave it a lot of attention. If you were watching any of it you might not have suspected that a large majority of Americans never did believe the official government story that the assassination was carried out by a "lone nut" with no connections to anything meaningful beyond his own insanity. Nearly all the "experts" and "journalists" who appeared on TV to discuss the anniversary nodded dutifully that they agreed with the official story, even though the Warren Commission was originally established not to find the whole truth about who killed Kennedy, but as Johnson said privately at the time, to convince Americans that Oswald was the lone assassin and put the matter to rest. Journalists for the most part went along, did not object or investigate further. Those who did ask questions were labeled "conspiracy theorists" or just nuts.

History is built in large part on the journalism of the time, and when your so-called journalists are treating a government report as if it were unquestionable religious doctrine, then you don't have a factual history, you have myth. Perpetuation of myth is not what journalists or historians are supposed to do.

Andrew Kreig, with his Justice Integrity Project, is one of the few who do not observe the stop signs of the establishment, and take their investigations wherever they lead. At the Justice Integrity site he investigates the JFK assassination beyond the Warren Report. Pulling aside the curtain that establishment reporters refuse to touch has allowed him to sketch out how the power structure of America really operates. His view penetrates the charade most establishment journalists are content to maintain.

In Presidential Puppetry Kreig shows the connections behind the screen and how the U.S. government is controlled by a small elite. The parade of presidential candidates are very much like hired performers, or pro wrestlers who drum up a lot of drama for the audience, but in the end all step in line to carry out the wishes of their shadowy overseers.

Yes, the Bushes, Clintons, Kerry, Romney and Obama really are as close as their policies suggest. Obama was supposed to be the anti-Bush candidate, but once he got into office, his policies became almost identical to those of his predecessor. He abandoned his populist rhetoric and supported policies that favor Wall Street and Corporate America. He picked up where Bush left off trying to seize the Social Security fund to turn it over to Wall Street and the One Percent. He's carrying out drone warfare against citizens in many countries.

The most devastating -- and clarifying part of the book is Kreig's exposure of Obama's real origins. And when you wipe away the surface distractions, it becomes apparent that Obama did not spring out of nowhere but was groomed and anointed by the same powers that installed his predecessors in power.

This book and should be read by every American.

While we're at it ...

I originally wrote this to appear on the B& website but after three attempts to get it to appear, I gave up.

I also wrote a review on this book for Amazon and succeeded in getting it posted. But I will insert it here anyway:

Okay so we all know Clinton and George Bush Senior play golf together, pal around, and say George is the father Clinton never had, and John Kerry was in the same Yale Skull and Bones secret society that both George Bushes were in, but we don't usually look too closely at these things. Our great journalistic institutions are not making any big deal about these associations, so it must not be any big deal...

When Obama was elected after eight dreary years of radical right wing social destruction under the unelected Bush-Cheney regime, a palpable wave of hope spread over America. Obama spoke with great eloquence about all the issues that were breaking the hearts of Americans. He seemed to sense exactly where the public's deepest yearnings were directed, and he offered the solutions that the great majority of Americans wanted to hear.

After he took office all those hopes unraveled as one by one right down the line he turned his back on nearly every popular policy he had claimed to stand for in favor of the policies favored by Wall Street and Corporate America, and before Americans could focus their eyes, it was Obama not Bush who was offering to take Social Security away from Americans and give the money to Wall Street. The betrayal of Obama has left Americans more demoralized than even under Bush. Does anyone even dare to hope anymore?

Andrew Kreig is doing the job that most of our establishment news media have abandoned. He has looked diligently behind the curtain of the Great Oz. What he discloses is not surprising at all, given what we do know. What is surprising is that most of the "well-paid conformists" who dish out news to the public don't seem to notice anything wrong. They are just going along with business as usual are not as concerned as Kreig is about the fact that the machinery of government is broken down. It has been hijacked by an elite that has bought up the players and has its hands on the levers.

The political battles of Bush versus Kerry, Clinton versus Bush, Obama versus Romney, are elaborate dramas staged for us by hired performers who take their orders from a shadowy ruling elite. Kreig lays out the facts as you normally don't see them.

And Barack Obama? That's the trump card of the book. Obama is not what he led us to believe. His mother was not just a "single mother" and a "hippy" wandering around the world to places like Indonesia on a whim. Once the obscure details of Obama's biography are laid out and organized intelligently, it becomes clear that his rise is based on a legacy of connections to the same establishment that pulls the strings of the Bushes and the Clintons. I'll leave the stunning details to the book itself. I recommend that all Americans turn off their TVs until they have read this book.

-- David Cogswell

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