Time out from politics!

True, the right wing power grab never sleeps, never rests for a moment. It was on Christmas Eve, George Bush senior and Grand Whazoo of the Bush clan pardoned all his buddies who had taken the rap for him in the Iran Contra crimes, selling weapons to enemy terrorists to finance a covert terror war against the people of Nicaragua, all done in secret against the wishes of the American people and against the specific edicts of Congress. When Bush signed the pardons, he called the charges "the criminalization of policy," which was in fact what he and his underlings in the secret government had done. With a presidential pardon he legitimized the crimes of the Reagan administration, which were engineered by the Bush cabal while Reagan was asleep at the wheel. Not that Reagan wasn't evil enough to have done it all willingly. He freed them to insure they wouldn't spill the beans on him, and so they would all survive to fight another day. That day is here.

Poor peaceful Americans being roused out of their sleep by a war being waged upon their democratic rights even as they celebrate Christmas Eve. So while the working people take it easy on the weekend and zone out far enough to somehow gather the strength to face the weekday grind, you can feel assured that the corporate oligarchy is working around the clock to assault your rights of participation in a democratic system, your very standing as a citizen of a free society.

Abraham Lincoln's words still seem contemporary: "Now we are engaged in a great civil war testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure." What happens to a sole superpower who still wants to fight? It fights with itself. The corporate power structure is now going after the one thing that blocks it from global domination, the American public. No other country can stop it from its global conquest. But in America these democratic institutions keep hindering corporate hegemony. The power clique is getting increasingly bold about subverting democractic processes and disregarding any international agreements that may hinder it. So now it's war everywhere. Those of us who are not independently wealthy wake up every day to a battle in which we must defend ourselves by the forces represented by the Bush administration, the corporate leaders who are actively trying to consolidate power and demolish resistance....

Ah, but I meant to get away from all that. We must maintain the lighter side of life. It is only with our humor and our arts and our joie de vivre that we will survive the assault. So in that spirit, I present:

A Cyberspatial Art Gallery

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